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Studio Method

The Studio Method is designed to develop core strength, balance, flexibility and endurance by combining the best of barre and high intensity interval training. Every class is musically driven, purposefully set to an ever-changing and fun playlist that maintains an efficient pace to keep you focused and motivated.

The method is made up of three classes: Barre, High Intensity Interval Barre (HIIB) and Bootcamp. While the three classes are designed to complement each other with their diverse cardiovascular intensities and types of muscle strengthening exercises, each class is developed to effectively standalone as a full-body workout. No matter your skill level, you will see and feel results instantly.

Our classes and method are designed and taught with purpose. Through inspiration, entertainment and articulate instruction and hands-on adjustments, our teachers are dedicated to your success in every single class.

In addition to Studio Method classes, our schedule integrates various styles of yoga (Power, Open & Chill) in an effort to balance the sculpting, toning and intense elements of our method with the healing benefits of yoga. Check our Yoga class availability

Barre Classes

Studio Barre

An alignment-focused class that works the entire body through core strengthening exercises and targeted movement using body weight, light weights and resistance bands.

High Intensity Barre

Studio HIIB

High Intensity Interval Barre. This class features the alignment-focused strength training of our signature barre class blended with bursts of cardiovascular intervals to sculpt, tone and get your heart pumping.

Bootcamp Classes

Studio Bootcamp

A high intensity interval training class set to upbeat music that incorporates larger functional exercises like squats, lunges and push-ups along with bursts of cardiovascular intervals to provide a dynamic full-body workout.

Private Training Classes

Private Training

Private and small group training is available in our downtown studio or in the comfort of your own home. We will tailor you or your group’s practice to meet your unique needs and goals.